Thank you all for your recent support & encouragement.
This week-end of Saturday May 15th. to and including Monday, 17th. was hectic: I went down to Orlando to attend The Family Council dinner Sat. night at the Rosen Centre, where I bushwhacked Marco Rubio (he was the featured speaker) and gave him my card. I told him: "Pleased to meet you ... I'm your competitor." He was startled, and said: "Good luck!" (See the photo above:) The kid has got me beat in height and good looks, but he is not in my league as a Conservative or Orator! (I say that with all due respect). After Rubio's helpers put out his campaign literature on the seats and tables, I went around, placed my stuff on top of his and introduced myself to the guests as "Plan B." They were very receptive and I made a number of excellent contacts!
Sunday I attended church at the incredible R.C. Orlando Basilica and took Les to Disney. (She drove all the way down AND back ~ mostly because she really liked the rental after driving my rather beat-up wheels all week!) Unfortunately we did not see Mickey nor Donald and were greatly saddened to learn of Mr. Toad's untimely passing. But Les had a great time with Jack Sparrow!
Monday morning I had a stiff interview with the Editorial Board of the Orlando Sentinel who claimed they'd seen my U-Tube Video on a "White Supremacy" site. (Denied). They also asked me what I thought about Jews? ("Jesus Christ was a Rabbi," I replied: "Case closed"). Finally, they tried to pin me on my statements that "It APPEARS Obama is attempting to destroy America." ("That's my fear; that's what the evidence suggests", I retorted). Anyhow they should have a video on their site at some point. It was good practice. (Thanks to all of you who advised me to go).
Finally I went up to Jacksonville Monday afternoon to the Republican Executive Committee meeting. They had decided to (prematurely) endorse Rubio, then changed their minds and took a straw poll instead, But they gave the candidates an opportunity to speak first. Rubio sent an agent. I got five minutes. I did well enough to beat Charlie Crist in the straw poll (no surprise, eh?) and come in second behind Rubio. Here's a link to a video of one of the Exec. Committee. Members who changed his vote in my favor!